Neve Mayes,star trumpet player at Dame Alice Owen's School, marked the start and finish of the Victory in Europe Day two minute silence for residents in Fitzjohn Avenue, with her mother making sure the timings were correct. Ceremonies were held across High Barnet with Neve's teacher, trumpet player John Young marking the start of the silence in Byng Road.
Church services streamed live online have become a regular Sunday morning point of contact for worshippers staying at home under lockdown. Christ Church, High Barnet, is trying to widen its reach by inviting the public to post requests for prayers.
A pub on wheels offering a freshly pulled pint of stout delivered straight to the door is proving to be a popular lockdown innovation for a High Barnet landlord. Jason Bourke, licensee of the Sebright Arms in Alston Road, has converted his pick-up truck into a mini-bar complete with a pump and two barrels of Guinness.
Professional singer Iain Mackenzie with his daughter Poppy lead a community sing song which has become part of the regular Thursday night clap for NHS workers held by residents of Carnarvon Road, High Barnet. Each week during the 8pm Thursday clap sisters Lois and Maggie stand with their parents outside Barnet Hospital waving their rainbow posters in support of medical staff tackling the coronavirus pandemic.
High Barnet publican Gary Murphy, licensee of the Mitre, has gone viral in a campaign to force pub owners to back down and agree to a rent holiday while the coronavirus lockdown continues. After attracting over 400,000 views of his tweet, #norentnopub, he appeared on BBC Radio 4's programme You and Yours, was interviewed by the Daily Telegraph and then featured on BBC tv's London News..
Tuesday, 21 April 2020 15:18

Barnet lockdown: windows boarded up

Protective wooden boarding has been installed across the art deco windows of the Barnet Everyman -- a sure sign that a trip to the cinema is out of the question for weeks, if not months to come. At the front of the building, in place of the daily programme of films, there is a bold message of praise for front line staff tackling the coronavirus pandemic. "Barnet Hospital and local key workers: You are amazing."
Less than six months after its official opening the Noah's Ark Children's Hospice in Byng Road, Barnet, is facing a financial crisis following a dramatic collapse in donations due to the cancellation of fund-raising events and activities during the coronavirus lockdown.  Hospices across the country are reporting a catastrophic drop in income. Noah's Ark is facing a shortfall of more than £2 million, more than half its annual target of £3.5 million obtained through gifts and donations. 
High Barnet volunteers who love to sew are joining the nationwide effort to produce protective clothing for hospital and care home staff tackling the coronavirus pandemic. Scrubs -- the pyjama-style clothes worn by medics -- face masks and laundry bags are among the items being sent to a hub in Kentish Town which then offers additional supplies to hospitals, care homes and hospices across north and north-west London.
High Barnet publican Gary Murphy, licensee of the Mitre, is at the forefront of a campaign by landlords to force pub owners to back down and agree to a rent freeze while the coronavirus lockdown continues. Greene King charge Mr Murphy £8,000 a month in rent. Unless it is suspended, he fears that he and other landlords will end up thousands of pounds in debt.
Specialist shops along Barnet High Street -- as well as numerous take-away food outlets -- are determined to try to continue trading in the wake of the continuing lockdown over the coronavirus pandemic. Three niche businesses -- Hopscotch (sweets, loose tea and cake-making supplies), The Present (gifts and homeware) and Wanders Shoes -- are mong the latest to offer collection and delivery services in response to telephone and online orders.
Locked and taped-off playgrounds are a poignant reminder of the impact that the coronavirus self-distancing restrictions are having on the opportunities for children to exercise and enjoy themselves. High Barnet's most popular parks and playing fields, including Ravenscroft Park, the Old Courthouse Recreation Ground, Byng Road playing fields and of course Hadley Green and Hadley Common, are all open and are being well used.
Cultivating an allotment is one of the few outdoor activities that is still permitted during the coronavirus lockdown and thanks to the current run of fine, dry weather Barnet's plots have never been busier or looked in better shape. Strict rules on self-discipling and site hygeine apply and allotment holders are literally keeping themselves poles apart.
Barnet householders and families were out in force to join the second nationwide Thursday evening clap for carers in support of NHS workers treating patients during the coronavirus pandemic. The turnout was especially strong in the streets around Barnet Hospital -- part of the Royal Free Hospital Foundation -- where residents clapped on the doorsteps, blew whistles, banged saucepans and even at one house played a trumpet.
There could hardly be a more opportune moment for a determined push to host new productions and attractions at the Bull Theatre in the hope they might appeal to audiences in High Barnet and widen public support. In view of the nationwide theatre shutdown imposed by the coronavirus crisis, numerous events will have to be rescheduled and organisers are being reminded that there is an ideal town centre location available for hire.
Wednesday, 01 April 2020 14:03

Reduced height for New Barnet tower blocks

After feedback from a public exhibition in January, the Victoria Quarter housing development on the former gas works site in New Barnet has been scaled back slightly by lowering the height of the proposed blocks of flats and by making a small reduction in the number of new homes. A 14-storey tower block has been cut to ten storeys and most of the blocks will now be seven storeys high instead of eight.
Tuesday, 31 March 2020 17:45

More tree planting on Barnet Hill

Planting trees on Barnet Hill has been one of the great achievements of the Barnet Society -- and it is still work in progress with a row of Hawthorn being the lastest. A working party succeeded -- a few weeks before the introduction of coronavirus restrictions -- in planting a total of 50 Hawthorn whips with stakes and protective shields along the boundary fence of the Vale Drive clinic.
Tuesday, 31 March 2020 16:53

Battle of Barnet: beaten by coronavirus

Barnet's highly successful medieval festival, due to have been staged during the last weekend in May, is just one of the many local events that are having to be postponed or cancelled because of the coronavirus crisis.  Organisers have rescheduled this year's festival from its original date of May 30-31 to the weekend of September 19-20.
Only around 20 shops and retail outlets are still open for business along the entire length of Barnet High Street during the second week of the tightening squeeze being imposed by the coronavirus lockdown. Shoppers are few and far between and the only other sign of activity has been two workmen -- complete with face masks, and at a safe distance -- adding the final touches to the pavement widening.
Friday, 27 December 2019 15:35

Wood Street’s eyesore is no more

A massive pile of rubble, beams and planks was all that was left of Barnet’s blot of the landscape – the derelict nurses’ home for the former Victoria Maternity Hospital in Wood Street.
Hadley Football Club, which is aiming to become a regular home attraction for many more Barnet football fans, faces two critical New Year fixtures in its bid to gain promotion to the next level of the National Football League.
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