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Barnet householders and families were out in force to join the second nationwide Thursday evening clap for carers in support of NHS workers treating patients during the coronavirus pandemic. The turnout was especially strong in the streets around Barnet Hospital -- part of the Royal Free Hospital Foundation -- where residents clapped on the doorsteps, blew whistles, banged saucepans and even at one house played a trumpet.
Tuesday, 31 March 2020 17:45

More tree planting on Barnet Hill

Planting trees on Barnet Hill has been one of the great achievements of the Barnet Society -- and it is still work in progress with a row of Hawthorn being the lastest. A working party succeeded -- a few weeks before the introduction of coronavirus restrictions -- in planting a total of 50 Hawthorn whips with stakes and protective shields along the boundary fence of the Vale Drive clinic.
Only around 20 shops and retail outlets are still open for business along the entire length of Barnet High Street during the second week of the tightening squeeze being imposed by the coronavirus lockdown. Shoppers are few and far between and the only other sign of activity has been two workmen -- complete with face masks, and at a safe distance -- adding the final touches to the pavement widening.
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