Any prospect of Barnet Football Club returning to Underhill and building a new stadium was well and truly dashed at a question time session held by senior members of Barnet Council.

A programme of summer concerts beside Jack's Lake at Monken Hadley Common concludes on Sunday 4 August with a performance that includes romantic music from around the world.

A fresh attempt is being made to find the precise site of the 1471 Battle of Barnet -- a location that continues to prove elusive despite extensive previous searches and years of study by historians and archaeologists.

Chipping Barnet's long serving Conservative MP Theresa Villiers lost her seat to Labour candidate Dan Tomlinson in a general election that resulted in a landslide victory for Sir Keir Starmer and the Conservatives' worst ever defeat.

In seizing Chipping Barnet for Labour with a respectable majority, Dan Tomlinson -- at the age of 31 -- has broken the Conservative Party's hold on what in the past was one of their safest seats.

Unlike other veteran Conservative MPs and former ministers who opted to stand down, Theresa Villiers had no wish to join the Tory exodus from the House of Commons but like so many of her colleagues she was swept aside in the Labour landslide.