Music lovers can look forward to a post-pandemic treat: plans are well advanced for a series of concerts at Barnet parish church in late May and early June aimed to coincide with the possible easing of lockdown.
Research by a local historian provides a fascinating insight into the occupations and everyday life over a century ago among the several hundred families who lived in a respectable working-class enclave close to Barnet town centre.
 PVC plastic advertising signs hung from lampposts -- including possibly along the full length of Barnet High Street -- might become a new way of generating income for Barnet Council.
Bringing to life the daily toil of women working in a medieval kitchen is at the heart of a new play that depicts mounting tension as local inhabitants readied themselves for the 1471 Battle of Barnet.
Winter tree planting is in full swing in Barnet's green spaces and in the surrounding countryside of the green belt. 
Barnet Council's environment committee is examining the feasibility of using small parks and green spaces across the Borough of Barnet as possible sites for installing solar panels and electricity storage units for renewable energy.
Champions of Barnet's history, heritage and culture are determined to ensure the town does all it can -- despite covid.19 restrictions -- to commemorate the 550th anniversary of the Battle of Barnet.
People walking across the Shire London golf course during lockdown are being urged to act responsibly after repeated reports of swans and geese being harassed by dogs running off the lead.
Family historians keen to research the lives of people living in Barnet in the 1920s have only twelve months to wait before the release of the much-anticipated 1921 census and its wealth of information about life in the aftermath of the First World War.
Just as the New Year lockdown was announced, the proprietors of High Barnet's newest brasserie, Botannika, went ahead with their planned opening -- offering a take-away menu and a range of bread and cakes.
Lockdown and self-isolation have imposed few significant changes in the daily life of the nuns of the enclosed order of Barnet Poor Clares who this year are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the opening of their monastery in Galley Lane, Arkley.
A New Barnet institution, the French restaurant Chez Tonton has closed after 37 years -- an emotional farewell for proprietors Eric and Claudine Michel, who are known to legions of loyal customers, and who are looking forward to fresh challenges in their retirement.
At the close of 2020, after one of the bleakest years for High Barnet in recent living memory, the long wait for spring should be relieved by the recognition that the local community enjoys perhaps the greenest surroundings of any comparable north London community.
Boxes of chocolates, gift bags - and volunteering to have on-line chats with lonely dementia patients - are just some of the many ways in which residents have been showing support and solidarity with the medical and ancilliary staff at Barnet Hospital coping with the added pressures of the covid.19 emergency.
Wednesday, 16 December 2020 15:30

Theatre school pupils say 'the show must go on'

With their performances for Barnet's Christmas Fayre and their annual pantomime at the Bull Theatre all having to be cancelled because of the covid.19 pandemic, pupils at the Susi Earnshaw Theatre School were still determined that 'the show must go on'.
Tree planting to sustain Hadley Woods is proving a far simpler task than updating the archaic laws that have governed Monken Hadley Common since the reign of King George III.
The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has backed Barnet Council's decision to reject planning permission for the construction of blocks of flats of up to ten storeys high on the former gas works site at New Barnet.
Increased unemployment and rising hardship due to covid-19 are putting pressure on food banks across the country: 15 new food banks have opened across the London Borough of Barnet since the start of the pandemic.
A two-month delay in opening a purpose-built new ward for covid-19 patients increased pressure at Barnet Hospital as medical staff struggled to cope with the start of the second wave of the pandemic in the first weeks of the autumn.
National Grid has applied to Barnet Council for permission to demolish New Barnet's redundant gasholder saying it is a safety risk and wants to free up the land for residential development.
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