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Dog frendly shops needed

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Jessica Vamathevan and Ralphie at Café Nero Jessica Vamathevan and Ralphie at Café Nero
“Well-behaved dogs welcome” is the message that dog lovers are hoping they will hear from more and more of the cafes, restaurants and public houses along the High Street in High Barnet.

Local dog lovers say the many parks and green spaces around the town centre are extremely popular with dog walkers, and there is a growing demand for dog-friendly places where their owners can stop off for a cup of tea or coffee, a snack, or even a pint of beer.

Jessica Vamathevan, proud owner of Ralphie, a two-year-old cockapoo, is full of praise for the High Street premises that do welcome dogs.

She hopes that many more will follow the example of the establishments on her dog-friendly list:

  • Coffee shops: Café Nero and Patisserie Joie de Vie
  • Restaurants: Carluccio’s and Hadley House(outside)
  • Public houses: The Mitre and The Monk
  • Shops: Bargain Buys (where Julian Stewart’s dog Sam keeps him company); and the Paper Shop.

Ms Vamathevan says that High Barnet is becoming increasingly popular with dog walkers because the King George’s Fields are on the north London loop of walks.

“High Barnet’s dog-walking community is tight knit, and we often meet other dog walkers visiting the area who ask for our recommendations as to where there is a dog-friendly welcome and where they can have lunch, coffee or drinks.

High Barnet is a very special environment
for our four-legged friends

“We are so grateful that on either side of the High Street there are several establishments where dogs are welcome, but we hope there will soon be many more once proprietors and staff realise that most dog are well-behaved and that their owners are extremely responsible, and will be anxious their pets cause no offence or disturbance to other customers.”

Ms Vamathevan says High Barnet is “a very special environment for our four-legged friends,” and she hopes that many more of the well-controlled dogs that currently have to be tied up outside while owners go into shops, might soon be welcomed inside.

“Hadley Green and the King George’s Fields are very popular with dog walkers, and of course there are so many other nearby attractions, the paths and woods around the Monken Hadley Golf Course, Monken Hadley Common and then Trent Park.

“High Barnet should play to its strengths, and the High Street’s catering trade should realise that dog owners will be very loyal customers once they identify dog-friendly establishments.

“Traders should realise that the rate of dog ownership is increasing all the time, with some survey suggesting that up to half the population own a dog.”

Her one regret is that dogs are banned in the Spires shopping centre, and that the cafes with outdoor seats in the middle of the Spires are out of bounds for dog owners.


  • Comment Link Tuesday, 01 November 2016 12:37 posted by Eamonn

    you forgot the White Lion where you can also get fantastic coffee and jessy''s beautiful scones with clotted cream and jam

  • Comment Link Tuesday, 01 November 2016 14:21 posted by Gilly

    Please keep the Spires dog free!
    Not everyone likes dogs and I for one would not frequent a coffee shop which allowed dogs! Sorry but there is a time and a place.
    I would also advocate for dog free parks and public areas as there are in Australia but this remark will probably earn me a verbal lynching!


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