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Barnet’s hanging baskets

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Hanging baskets are not supported by Barnet Council Hanging baskets are not supported by Barnet Council
Barnet High Street has been bedecked once again with flowering hanging baskets. But please do not be fooled into thinking Barnet Council deserves the credit for adding this splash of colour to the town centre.

The 19 hanging baskets are a community initiative, and the cost of supplying and maintaining them was shared between the Barnet Society, Barnet Residents Association and Hadley Residents Association, which each contributed just short of £500.

Their arrival was delayed because of low night-time temperatures and the fear of late frosts in May.      

Judith Clouston, the Barnet Society committee member who organised the installation of the baskets, hopes that it might be possible next year to find a sponsor to meet the cost of future floral displays.

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