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Perfect weather for jazz afternoon

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Home Cooking, one of the bands, that entertained hundreds enjoying an afternoon of jazz on Hadley Green Home Cooking, one of the bands, that entertained hundreds enjoying an afternoon of jazz on Hadley Green
Enthusiasts and local residents gathered in their hundreds on Hadley Green for a picnic lunch and Sunday afternoon of music at the sixth annual Jazz on the Green, organised by Hadley Residents Association.

A warm, sunny July day and a three-band line-up delivered what all and sundry agreed was perhaps the friendliest and best-ever afternoon of jazz.
As usual there was no entrance charge, simply a request for a donation towards the cost of organising the event, paying the musicians and assisting local charities.

Organisers of Jazz on the Green, Colette Brideson, Treasurer of Hadley Residents Association, and committee member David ChapmanColette Brideson, the Association’s treasurer, said staging Jazz on the Green (2.7.2017) was their way of “putting something back into the community” – a sentiment that echoed around the picnic tables and gazebos that almost filled one half of Hadley Green.

“We think this is a great way to make use of the green, and staging a free event that is open to everyone is just one of the ways the Residents Association can bring out community together.”

The three bands that featured in the 2017 line-up were Home Cooking, Minnies Hen House and Big Chief.

The event, which has one sponsor, architects Alan Cox Associates, is funded entirely by donations.

“Obviously we do have costs to meet: for example, Barnet Council charged us £67 to hire the green last year, and this year they charged £128, almost double, so you can see, we do need some financial support.”


  • Comment Link Monday, 03 July 2017 16:04 posted by Elaine Davies

    Wish we had known , can you advertise more next year

  • Comment Link Monday, 03 July 2017 17:22 posted by Sally B

    If you could schedule it for a different weekend and not clash with the east Barnet festival, a lot more money could be raised. When it first started, it was held on the weekend prior.
    Just a thought
    Sally B

  • Comment Link Monday, 03 July 2017 19:05 posted by Sue Cairncross

    Is there anyway you can sell drinks (non alcoholic if you can't get a licence), snacks, crisps etc. Again it would bring in more money.

  • Comment Link Thursday, 05 October 2017 16:52 posted by Vanessa Fry

    It was a wonderful event again this year, a very happy good feeling family day with great music. I agree with the above comment that stands selling drinks and food would have been a welcome addition and could bring in some money too.

  • Comment Link Sunday, 29 April 2018 22:49 posted by Colette Brideson

    The event isn’t stage as a commercial venture, it’s about community. It is advertised as ‘Jazz on the Green’ - bring a picnic - so attendees know they are expected to supply their own sustenance for the afternoon! There has been an Ice Cream vendor for the past couple of years which also sells soft drinks, the Monken Holt pub will happily decant drinks into plastic and the High Street with various food outlets is a short stroll away.
    As with many local events of this type they often become a victim of their own success, following in Glastonbury’s footsteps we will be having a fallow year in 2018 and reassessing the nature of the event for future years.
    Hope this answers all of the above, apologies for very late response but I’ve only just come across this post.
    Colette Brideson, Treasurer, Hadley Residents’ Association

  • Comment Link Tuesday, 26 February 2019 10:26 posted by Lucy

    Will this event be taking place this year? If so which weekend?


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