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Order to curb street drinkers in High Barnet

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Notices warn of fines up to £500 Notices warn of fines up to £500
A ban on the anti-social drinking of alcohol in Barnet High Street and other public spaces around the town centre took effect at the beginning of November.

This follows the introduction by Barnet Council of similar anti-social behaviour orders for public spaces in Edgware town centre, Childs Hill and Burnt Oak.

Street drinking and rowdy behaviour have been the subject of frequent complaints in recent years by shoppers and residents.

Locations which have fared worst include areas in and around Church Passage, Ravenscroft Park, High Barnet tube station, the rear of the Spires shopping centre, Chipping Barnet Library and Stapylton Road bus stop.

Anyone found drinking or carrying a container of alcohol must stop drinking and hand over any container when asked to do so by a police constable or authorised person.

Refusal to stop consuming alcohol is an offence
and could result in a fine of up to £500.

Refusal to stop consuming alcohol is an offence and could result in a fine of up to £500.

A first breach will be dealt with by a fixed penalty notice of £100 and written warning; a second offence is a criminal offence; and a third breach will result in the individual being referred for prosecution.

The area covered by the High Barnet Public Spaces Protection Order covers the town centre and the area enclosed by Barnet Hill, Wood Street, The Avenue, Alston Road, St Albans Road, Sunset Way, Drury Road, Hadley Common, Woodville Road, and Potters Lane.

This has now been defined as a “restricted area” and anyone who refuses, without reasonable excuse, to stop consuming alcohol or hand over any container commits an offence.

The council says it is satisfied that the order does meet the conditions of the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act of 2014 and is justified.

Anti-social consumption of alcohol has been persistent, and is of a continuing nature, and is unreasonable.

The order, which lasts until 31 October 2021, exempts licensed premises or locations where the temporary consumption of alcohol has been authorised.

In addition to the four orders banning anti-social drinking within the borough, the council has imposed an order to control dog walking along the Dollis Valley walk, from Underhill to Totteridge tube station.

This order seeks to curb poor dog control that leads to “harassment, alarm and distress and dog fouling”.

Walking with more than four dogs is forbidden and only two can be left off the lead at any one time.

All professional dog walkers must ensure they carry a copy of their public liability insurance.

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  • Comment Link Thursday, 28 November 2019 10:25 posted by Local resident

    These kinds of announcements generally involve nothing more than someone from the council putting up a few signs.

    Due to savage cuts there are no police officers to enforce the rules and even if by some miracle one was available, they're dealing with homeless people who couldn't care less whether they're arrested / fined / moved on because they're at rock bottom already.

    Just like when Boris Johnson announced a ban on drinking on public transport (for which there have been zero prosecutions), it's a very low-cost way of appearing to be 'tough on crime' when in actual fact it achieves nothing.

    Never mind addressing the root causes of the huge increase in homelessness, let's just make a grand (empty) statement to attract a few more votes.


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