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Barnet’s multiplying wheelie, green and now blue

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Multiplying Wheelie Bins Multiplying Wheelie Bins
Barnet residents are about to face what looks like becoming a game of musical chairs among the wheelie bins and containers which proliferate in the frontages of houses and flats across the borough. Out go the black and blue recycling boxes . . . to be replaced as from October 14 by a blue wheelie bin for all recyclable material.  

All households will retain the existing black wheelie bin for refuse and a green wheelie bin for green garden waste and in addition will be issued with a small waste-food caddy for use in the kitchen and a separate food waste bin to be kept outside.


For residents of smaller properties, trying to find space for yet another metre high wheelie bin, together with a separate food waste bin, is likely to be a daunting prospect.  Barnet Council’s assertion that this will make it “easier” for all concerned will be of little comfort to those householders who already find it difficult to deal with three or four waste containers but must now get used to having to contend with up to five.

The one great advantage of having “a 240-litre blue wheeled bin” – instead of two recycling boxes – is that it will take many more types of material and householders will no longer to have to separate out newspapers and cardboard from glass, cans, tins and plastic bottles.

By providing one blue wheelie bin for all recyclables the council
hopes to address one of the biggest complaints of Barnet residents.

Perhaps of even greater impact will be the introduction of a service for collecting food waste.  Each household will be issued with a new seven-litre food caddy for the kitchen and a twenty-three-litre food-waste bin to be kept outdoors.

Vegetable peelings, leftovers and food remains that are collected in the kitchen caddy can then be emptied into the food-waste bin, which can be secured with a lockable lid and will be collected weekly.

Initially each household will be provided with a sample of ten compostable liners for the food-waste caddy; Barnet Council says these are widely available and can be purchased at most supermarkets and hardware stores.

Full details of the new waste and recycling services are available at where there is an explanation of the reasons why the council hopes that the borough can double the amount of household waste that is recycled, composted or reused.

In future all waste and recycling collections will be carried out directly by the borough following a decision to take the recycling service, currently provided by May Gurney, back under council control; a new fleet of recycling trucks has already been delivered.

Refuse, recyclables and food waste will all be collected on the same day each week, but there will be a fortnightly collection of green garden waste.

At present 30 per cent of refuse is food waste and by collecting it separately the council hopes to cut the cost of refuse disposal by reducing the tax that has to be paid on landfill.

Once food waste is collected separately, garden waste – which makes up most of the organic matter disposed of in green bins – can be collected on a fortnightly basis and processed in an outdoor facility at significantly lower cost.

By providing one blue wheelie bin for all recyclables the council hopes to address one of the biggest complaints of Barnet residents.  Sorting out material into two recycling boxes was found to be “difficult and confusing”, and collecting everything together in one bin – together with plastic packaging – should be “easier and quicker”.

Richard Cornelius, leader of Barnet Council, accepts that the changeover in October will be stressful for some households but by reducing costs and recycling more it should be possible to retain weekly collections.

“We seem to have reached the limit on what can be done with the little boxes.  The idea is that the new blue bin will take all the recycling and then be sorted in a factory.

“This will be easier for residents and for collection. We will be able to have just the one fleet of dustcarts and get rid of the box trucks with holes in their sides.  This is another saving.”



  • Comment Link Monday, 07 October 2013 17:34 posted by Karen

    No green bin for me! Having had the rest delivered, plus all the bumpf to explain, I wondered when I would take collection of my green bin.
    Next step a phone call to Barnet Council.
    Nope, said the lady at the other end, if you want a green bin, you'll have to pay for it!
    Well, that's not happening, considering the amount of council tax I pay already.
    Thanks Barnet, great scheme!..not!

  • Comment Link Friday, 18 October 2013 14:06 posted by Mike

    What BARNET do not tell you is that 87% of all this waste will be SHIPPED ABROAD for sorting and re-use!!

    This is a complete and utter disgrace.

    They are turning the streets of this borough into a sea of plastic.

  • Comment Link Saturday, 19 October 2013 11:06 posted by James Margates

    I agree. Have you seen some of the streets in High Barnet. Just bins in the street or in front gardens everywhere. This is typical of Barnet Council. A waste of our money and no thinking.

  • Comment Link Friday, 01 November 2013 10:25 posted by Mrs Hilda De Souza

    I am trying to make a formal compliant to Barnet Council, staff seem to have no knowledge of their complaints Managers name or t/number. They keep putting me to switchboard and my query/compliant are not being heard, also my calls are not returned. Thoroughly disgraceful.
    "My bin has not been collected Monday gone. I have logged this and it's not collected, I need to know why. I was told not in the right place, which is not the case at all, as all my bins are aligned and held in the same place in the front of the house each week. All other bins collected last Monday but not rubbish, my bin is overflowing, when are you going to collect it. Or I need the details of your chief executive. Also my bins are left two doors away, every week. I am flabbergasted with little knowledge your staff has and unwillingness to provide details requested. I need my query dealt with immediately please. Most disappointed customer."

  • Comment Link Wednesday, 13 November 2013 00:16 posted by Angela

    If they give me five more bins for my front garden they would only need to collect them once a year! The local MP says they have to cater for the majority, which defies logic, a complete waste of money and a proliferation of unnecessary bins.

    If everyone needed shoes, would you give five pairs per household despite the number of occupants and take no account of people's sizes.

    One size doesn't fit all and they could at least have had the courtesy of asking rate-payers there requirements, before foisting us with all these bins - and not even taking the boxes away. And where are the small sized bins we were promises?

  • Comment Link Wednesday, 29 January 2014 10:39 posted by Brian

    Garden green bins collections every fortnight is simply not enough in summer! In winter, this makes sense, but in summer, there should definitely be collections every week. And having a 2nd bin is not an option - where are we meant to store all these additional bins?

  • Comment Link Saturday, 11 July 2015 12:03 posted by Lisette Parkes

    Good day
    On Tuesday 7th July my grey rubbish bin was placed out for collection on Wednesday morning at 06:00am this was done as I saw the lorry was on the road when I looked through my window , but it was not returned to the front of my drive as it usually is done not noticing I went off to work on returning I have no grey bin but only the blue one . The property is split in 2 the B is returned
    I am now requesting a replacement one to 165a Booth Road - NW9 5JX

    many thanks
    Lisette Parkes

  • Comment Link Thursday, 06 August 2015 10:40 posted by Angela

    I have recently moved into a house (used to be in block of flat, lot easier) and I find the ordering of bin service frustrating. So waited ten days, and found that if you want a green bin you need to pay £54.55. It also appears that if you want a black bin, you also need to pay £54.55. It is almost like day-light robbery, as I can't put soiled nappies into the blue or brown, it seems I have to pay for the black bin anyway - but WHY?! It should be the basic, core service for any council, right? There are meant to be things that cannot be recycled. Barnet should really just add this cost into the council tax. It is total non-sense to me, sorry...


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