Rambles Round Barnet

Sunday, 05 July 2020 16:29

Rambles Round Barnet Update 17th June 2020

Written by Owen Jones
The previous update of 29th June 2019 referred to the progress made by the Darlands Conservation Trust since their inception in September 2017. True to their word, they have carried out some very significant work in the reserve over the past year but the working parties have had stop since the COVID 19 impacted on all group activities. I am very grateful to Vicki Philips, herself a keen rambler, who told me about these improvements to the reserve which helped my later visit.


If you approach the lake from Totteridge Green and the Laurel Pond, as in Volume 2 Walk 6, then you will find a new kissing gate (see Photo 1 below).

The gate is at the entrance to the reserve by the currently dry Folly Brook (see photo 2 below).


You will also notice 2 large sections of a tree trunk helpfully placed either side of the fallen Aspen tree referred to in paragraph 4. If you are arriving via the footpath that leads down from Totteridge Village opposite St Andrews church, then you will spot a small sign on a tree directing you left along the footpath through the woodland before the footbridge (see Photo 3 below).

On the 16th June the stream that flows down from the hill to the north west of the footpath was maintaining a steady trickle.

The most significant work has been done around the lake itself. Photo 4 (below) shows the removal of some established trees from the water’s edge and their trunks stacked on the opposite side of the footpath from the lake.

What is not so easily seen is the strengthening of the side of the footpath adjacent to the lake. This has been built up using large stones which themselves are fastened in place by a network of strong wire. This will not only stabilise the path but also provide drainage of surface water in the winter.

While I am not aware of any significant changes to the footpaths covered in Parts 1 and 2 of ‘Rambles Round Barnet’, if you do come across any changes that have not been covered in these ‘Updates’, please let me know at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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