The Barnet Society is collecting photographs and stories that captured the fun and friendliness of the many street parties held over the four-day Platinum Jubilee celebrations.


There were numerous events in and around High Barnet that must have brought back memories for older residents of neighbourly get togethers during earlier celebrations in the reign of Queen Elizabeth -- occasions over the Platinum Jubilee weekend that parents hope their children will remember in years to come.

Closing off the roads to through traffic opened up safe spaces for children to play – and an opportunity to parade their pets, some kitted out in jubilee regalia.

Hearing dog Zoe, always a calming, reassuring presence, was happy to enter the party spirit with Charlotte (Above, left) and Ruby at the combined street party for Granville Road and Argyle Road.

Butler, another well-dressed, much-loved gentle Labrador was equally pleased to be the centre of attraction at the street party for residents of Rockways and Wylo Drive, Arkley.

In between the Queen’s two balcony appearances at Buckingham Palace, “Her Majesty” did manage to squeeze in a surprise visit to admire the festive fare assembled for the street party in Strafford Road.

All were welcome at the Big Picnic at Barnet parish church which made the most of a popular meeting point at the junction of Wood Street and High Street.

Imaginative eye-catching displays welcoming residents were a feature at many of the parties.

Full marks to Old Fold View whose residents took every advantage of the fine weather on bank holiday Friday. (Left to right, Kay Gray, Christin Radtke, and Heather Urquhart).

Anji Iqbal, one of the organisers of the Rockways and Wylo celebration, was by far and away one of the best dressed hosts.

A great deal of effort had been made at the street party for Wentworth Road and Byng Road to offer a range of attractions for children including Punch and Judy, a bouncy castle, and a visit by a fire engine from New Barnet Fire Station.

Three-month-old Sunday Deak enjoyed the attention – seen here with party organiser Stacey Cronin (left) and Eden Cronin.

At the Old Fold View balloon stall, helping Chanelle Cover was Reema (3) who will no doubt be reminded in years to come that as a child she went to an historic street party celebrating the Queen’s 70 years on the throne.

The piles of sumptuous festive fare – the work of numerous savoury cooks and cake bakers – was mouth-watering.

Frida Klage added the final touches to well-laden tables in Granville Road. 

Along at the Rockways and Wylo party, Mitra arrived with a tray of enticing rolls.

A Platinum Jubilee pudding created by Siofra Rafferty (left) was a widely anticipated treat in Strafford Road.

For residents of a certain age this was the moment to recall how as children they watched the 1953 Coronation on six-inch wide black and white television sets.

As an 11-year-old Andy Benstead of Granville Road was anxious to have his own flag to wave outside the house, so he went to Woolworths with his mother and spent 1shilling and six pence on a proper Union Jack.

He unfurled his prize memento for Fin Wrench (8) and Becky Dodsworth before returning it safely to the loft ready for another historic celebration.

Given the historic importance of the Platinum Jubilee, the Barnet Society is hoping to offer full coverage of local celebrations on social media and on its website, so please send photographs and accounts of your events to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.