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The  Spring edition of the Barnet Society newsletter is now available to non-members.

 Distributed in paper form by a team of volunteers to all our members, it's a vital insight into life in and around Chipping Barnet. It is also a wealth of interesting and thoughtful local content.

As a society, there's lots of work to do that we try to fit in alongside our jobs, and other interests. We are keen to encourage new generations to join us; making sure we best represent the people who live in our area of Barnet.

With environmental conservation such a strong topic; we'd like to perhaps, try and do more practically to support the enviornment locally. As we have done for 75 years, we try to ensure that as and when development takes place (and indeed, it is inevitable that some has to)- it conserves, complements or appropriately contrasts the heritage we have, rather than dominating or destroying it. But we would like to do more.

If you have time to write and an interesting idea or topic for an article of local interest, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If we possibly can we will provide support to authors (proofreading, reviewing drafts, discussing ideas).

If you have an interest in conservation, the local environment and heritage: please consider joining the Barnet Society, or making a donation to help us keep doing what we do.

Alongside updates on all the latest planning issues (among others Whalebones, and 33 Lyonsdown Road), other highlights from this issue include:

Rambling into the future, a look at our plans to republish Volume I of the popular Rambles Around Barnet (I for one am looking forward to supplementing my copy of Volume II!), and potentially develop a Rambles III. We would love to receive suggestions or ideas for local walks or places to visit via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or our social media.

Work-from-homers wake up and smell the coffee, a chat with Hugo James and Annabelle Shields-Porte the owners of Perk Coffee, who relocated their business from Camden during lockdown.

United in a Common Cause, a guest article by William Boyes, Clerk to the Trustees of Monken Hadley Common writing about the potential new structure of the running of Hadley Common. Further details can be found on the Trustees own website.