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Much needed High Barnet litter pick going ahead

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Maia Lockhart and Amanda Theodorou ready to issue litter picking kit Maia Lockhart and Amanda Theodorou ready to issue litter picking kit
Volunteers are getting prepared for a High Barnet litter pick on the last Sunday in September. Among the top town centre targets will be the Moxon Street and Stapylton Road car parks, the Byng Road playing fields, and perhaps the worst litter black spot of all, the pavements and verges of St Albans Road, just north of the graveyard.

High Barnet Green Beings organiser Nanna Blomquist is recommending that volunteers head out either alone or in small socially distanced groups of friends and neighbours to comply with the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions.

The recently opened zero-waste High Street shop, Kronos and Rhea, is a collection point where volunteers can be supplied with litter-picking grabs, thick gloves, high-viz vests and the all-important Barnet Council rubbish sacks.
Proprietor Amanda Theodorou, whose shop is sponsoring the litter pick, said she was delighted to help with the project, and she would be open on the day – Sunday 27 September – to provide equipment and water refills for volunteers.
Kronos and Rhea – which sells pulses, nuts, grains, pasta, flours, and sugars – has self-service dispensers and encourages customers to bring their own packaging or use paper bags.


Ms Blomquist said she was encouraging volunteers to go where they thought they could make the most impact in collecting litter.
“We do have some real targets, such as Moxon Street and Stapylton Road, and hopefully we can also make an impression on St Albans Road, which is in a terrible state, and the Great North Road beyond Hadley Highstone.
“Closer to the litter-pick Sunday we will send out a list of the hot-spots, but the volunteers should feel free to do the streets and green spaces near to where they live.
“And please share photos of the day, either by email, Facebook and social media so that we can celebrate High Barnet’s first much-needed community litter pick of the year.”

Drop off points for bags of collected litter:

Moxon Street - leave bags half-way down street for collection on Monday morning.

Stapylton Road and High Barnet Library - leave bags near railings at banstand entrance to Waitrose

St Albans Road - leave bags opposite Sunset View junction

Keep Britain Tidy, the Countryside Alliance and other groups are giving nationwide publicity to what they have dubbed the “Great British September Clean” which starts on Friday 11 September and culminates in a mass litter pick on Sunday 27 September.
With the easing of lockdown and increased business at food take-aways, campaigners have been reporting a big increase in fast-food rubbish, cans and bottles.
Another regular sight are discarded face masks – the 2020 new entry to the litter disfiguring streets, pavements, verges and parks.


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