A wide range of road safety and calming improvements are being proposed by Barnet Council along Mays Lane and in several surrounding roads to reduce traffic accidents and increase safety for pedestrians.



Once these new measures are in place – including an extension to the 20mph zone and several roads being made no entry or one way – the council intends to remove the controversial and much-battered width restriction at the Mays Lane junction with Manor Road (see above).

Over the years, this width restriction has angered some car users – but pedestrians have welcomed the presence of the barrier for preventing large vehicles using Mays Lane as a short cut.

Other significant changes include the installation of a roundabout at the junction of Chesterfield Road and Whitings Road and designating Vale Drive one way.

Local residents and businesses are being invited to comment on the proposals – with a closing date for objections on Thursday 8 February. Feedback from the consultation should be available from Saturday 24 February.

Barnet Council says road safety measures are needed because of an increasing number of accidents along Mays Lane and surrounding roads and following concern that has been expressed by residents about the current Mays Lane width restriction at the Manor Road junction.

There would be one-way entry to the slip road in front of the Mays Lane shops, opposite Manor Road.

An existing zebra crossing on Mays Lane would be relocated and a new zebra crossing installed on Mays Lane near the junction with Connaught Road. There would be no entry into Connaught Road from Mays Lane.

A new roundabout would be installed at the junction of Chesterfield Road and Whitings Road – which is a busy four-way junction also connecting with Bells Hill and Trinder Road.

Double yellow lines – with no waiting at any time – will be introduced at road junctions with the adjoining main roads.  

Speed cushions and raised speed tables would be installed on Mays Lane, Nupton Drive and Quinta Drive.

Whitings Road, which runs alongside Whitings Hill Primary School, would face several restrictions. There would be no entry from Quinta Drive on to Whitings Road and the council is planning to introduce speed cushions, raised tables and a zebra crossing.

There would be new restrictions on the use of Vale Drive which serves the Vale Drive surgery and primary care centre and St Catherine’s Roman Catholic Primary School.

There would be no entry from Mays Lane into Vale Drive, and it would become one way. In the adjoining Elton Avenue there would no right turn into Mays Lane.

A road widening in Chesterfield Road at the junction with Stanhope Road would allow for a bus stop road marking.

Barnet Council says it has written to all properties in the roads affected. For details of how to make comments or objections see: