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Preview - The new look Spires

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Proposed new-look entrance for The Spires Proposed new-look entrance for The Spires Courtesy Williams Pears Property Group
New look for Spires shopping centre: a continental cafe-style culture for Barnet High Street?

A computer-generated image released by the Williams Pears property group gives an impression of the proposed new-look entrance to the Spires shopping centre and an outside seating area in front of a new Carluccio’s restaurant.

If planning permission is approved, the Italian delicatessen and restaurant chain will take the lease of a new restaurant that will be created out of what were originally the premises of WH Smith.

Notices have been posted at the entrance to the Spires stating that Carluccio’s have applied for a licence to serve alcoholic drinks in the new restaurant. Any representations or objections must be sent to the London Borough of Barnet licensing department by 20 May.

A planning application submitted last month by the Spires (Barnet) Ltd proposes the removal of the existing rotunda over the High Street entrance.

provides an open and appealing gateway to the shopping centre

As promised, the first phase of the facelift will retain the historic twin spires of the former Barnet Methodist Church.

Charlotte Dunlop, Spires’ asset manager for William Pears, said the new entrance would “provide an open and appealing gateway to the shopping centre, with more natural light and a high quality design enticing in new retailers and shoppers”.

Another new feature outlined in the planning application is to change the former gym on the first floor into either shops, offices or a restaurant.  

There would also be new, natural stone paving within the shopping centre between the High Street entrance and the first open courtyard.  

Ms Dunlop said local consultations over the proposals had helped inform the design process and the twin spires would be retained “as a direct result of feedback from the local community”.

If local residents have any questions or would like to receive further updates they should contact Jessica Stewart at Comm Comm UK on 020 7125 0421 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ms Dunlop is guest speaker at the Barnet Society’s Annual General Meeting on Thursday 26 June at 7.30 pm at the Pennefather Hall, St Albans Road. She has agreed to give an update on William Pears’ plans to revitalise the Spires complex.

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