Archived Articles January to December 2012

Barnet Countryside Centre

Feb 20, 2012 Planning
Redevelopment plans
Noah’s Ark Childrens’ Hospice has received planning consent for reserved matters for their proposed…

Plans for Union Street

Feb 20, 2012 Planning
Union Street School
An exhibition was held in mid-January to show plans for the proposed redevelopment of St Martha's Convent…

Cat Hill 1

Feb 20, 2012 Planning
Cat Hill proposal
A major planning application for the redevelopment of the former Middlesex University campus at Cat Hill in…

Town Centre Uplift 1

Aug 10, 2012 Road Improvements
Church Passage
Some long-awaited summer sunshine in late July provided the final seal of approval for Barnet’s town centre…

Barnet’s disappearing public houses 3

Aug 20, 2012 General News
The Black Horse
Like so much of the rest of the country High Barnet is losing its historic public houses at an alarming rate.…

Barnet’s town hall: an inspiring conversion 1

North London Coroner's  Court
Barnet’s former town hall, opposite St John’s Church, provides a positive reminder of the imaginative uses…

Barnet Museum

Sep 10, 2012 Barnet History
New frontage for Barnet Museum
Barnet Museum has been fighting for its life since December 2010 when the Council announced that it would be…