Archived Articles January to December 2011

Barnet Market

Feb 27, 2011 Barnet Market
Cattle auction at the Barnet Market site c. 1906
Planning applications have been made for the Barnet Market site - one for improvements to the site for market…

Barnet Christmas Fayre

Feb 27, 2011 Events
Barnet Xmas Fayre stalls
The Fayre on the first weekend in December was a very good event this year – despite the weather being…

High Barnet Summer Festival 2011

Feb 27, 2011 Events
St John's
Plans are underway. masterminded by the Barnet Residents Association, for a 10-day festival this summer to…

LDF Core Strategy

Feb 27, 2011 Planning
The Barnet Society has made representations to Barnet Council over the latest stage of the Core Strategy of…

Proposed improvements for pedestrians in Barnet High Street 1

Feb 27, 2011 Road Improvements
Traffic lights in Wood Street
In spite of the Barnet Society having drawn up plans for improving the junction of the High Street and Wood…

Dollis Valley Regeneration 1

Feb 27, 2011 Consultations
Dollis Valley Proposal
Proposals for the phased redevelopment of the Dollis Valley estate are advancing. The overall development…

Chipping Barnet Town Centre Strategy Board

Feb 27, 2011 Planning
Barnet viewed from St John's Tower
The Barnet Society has been lobbying the Council for some time for a Town Centre Framework for Chipping…

Protecting the Green Belt

Mar 11, 2011 Planning
Sites along Barnet Lane
The constitution of The Barnet Society requires us to seek to protect the Green Belt around Chipping Barnet.…

Tower Openings and concerts

Jul 05, 2011 Events
View from Church  Tower
People have again been enjoying the view from the top the tower of our parish church, St John the Baptist.

Barnet Court House - conversion to flats receives consent

Barnet Court House
In 2011 an application to demolish the Barnet Court House and replace it with a modern block of flats was…