Green Belt Articles

Our founding in 1945 was prompted by the threat to build on the green space that surrounds Chipping Barnet on three sides.  We continue to campaign for the protection of the Green Belt in Barnet and surrounding areas.  The Society is an active member of the London Green Belt Council

      Apr 2023  Joint approach by Barnet and Enfield Societies of defending Green Belt

      Sep 2022  There’s still a lot of green and pleasant land

      Sep 2022 London faces the loss of ‘60 Hampstead Heaths’ of Green Belt

      Aug 2022 London is set to lose 48,000 acres of its local countryside

     Jan 2022 Outrage over Green Belt housing plans forces retreat by Hertsmere Borough Council

      Dec 2021 Whither our Green Belt?

      Oct 2021 Goodbye to our Green Belt?

      Sep 2021 Hadley Wood Green Belt threat: a timely warning to Barnet

      Jul 2021  Barnet Society contributions to urban greening and the countryside

The Barnet Society’s 75th birthday in 2020 was a timely moment to celebrate the local Green Belt that was the original reason for our existence.  

The following five articles are a collaboration between Owen Jones, a longstanding member of the Society and editor of Rambles Round Barnet Parts 1 & 2, and Robin Bishop, who write about the challenges today to the landscape in which each walk is set.

Jun 2020 Barnet’s new regional park?

Jun 2020 Fasten your Green Belt – and prepare for new buildings to land!

Jun 2020 How green is our valley – but for how much longer?

May 2020 May blossom celebrating 75 years of the Barnet Society

May 2020 Barnet’s hidden rhododendron spectacle