Consultation Submissions

The Barnet Society regularly submits responses to consultations, not only by the London Borough of Barnet, but also by the London Assembly, the Mayor of London, Transport for London and central government.

Barnet Society Responses to Consultations:

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Dec 2021 Hertsmere ⊕  Hertsmere Local Plan

Feb 2021 National   Extension of Permitted Development Rights

Feb 2021 Barnet  Chipping Barnet Community Plan

Oct 2020 National ⊕  Planning For the Future White Paper

Sep 2020 National   Changes to the Current Planning System

May 2020 Barnet   LBB draft proposals for a Heritage Advisory Panel (including Conservation Area Advisory Committees)

May 2020 Barnet   LBB draft Long Term Transport Strategy 2020-41

Mar 2020 Barnet    LBB draft Local Plan 2020

Sep 2019 Barnet    LBB draft Growth Strategy

Feb 2019 Barnet    LBB draft Review of Capita Contracts

Feb 2019 Barnet    LBB draft Housing and Homelessness/Rough Sleeping Strategies

Nov 2018 Barnet    LBB proposal to adopt Article 4 Directions regarding conversion of employment spaces into residential spaces

Oct 2018 London   TfL Proposed Changes to Bus Routes 292, 384 & 606

Oct 2018 London   TfL Proposed Changes to Inner & Central London Bus Routes

Mar 2018 London   MoL draft The London Plan

Dec 2017 London   MoL draft Housing Strategy 

Oct 2017 London    MoL draft Transport Strategy

Sep 2017 Barnet    LBB draft Tree Policy and Action Plan

Aug 2017 Barnet ⊕   LBB draft Green Infrastructure SPD

July 2017 Barnet ⊕   LBB draft Statement of Community Involvement

Dec 2016 London   MoL draft A City for All Londoners

Mar 2016 Barnet    LBB draft Parks & Open Spaces Strategy