Cyclists needing an emergency repair -- or perhaps to pump up a tyre -- can now take advantage of instant bike repair stands which have been installed by Barnet Council, including one outside the police station in Barnet High Street.


So far three have been erected. The council’s aim is to encourage more residents to take up the option of cycling, safe in the knowledge that help is at hand if they need a minor repair.

The location of the first three repair and pump stands reflects the likely need. It is hoped the High Barnet installation will be of assistance to students at Barnet and Southgate College.

The stand outside Totteridge and Whetstone tube station is close to the Dollis Valley Open Space and the Dollis Valley green walk, sections of which are suitable for cyclists.

The third repair installation is beside the bicycle stand outside New Barnet station.

Whetstone Labour councillor Ella Rose is the inspiration behind the stands. She helped to secure more than £16,000 in funding from Barnet Council.

Her aim is to help to make cycling a real option for residents, encouraging active travel, exercise and cutting pollution.

The bike stands will save residents on minor repair work as they each offer a range of maintenance tools as well an air pressure pump.

“By installing these bike pumps and stands, it makes cycling a more viable option – which is great for our health and the planet’s as well,” said Councillor Rose.

Cycle repair shops were commonplace in most town centres in day when many residents lived locally and cycled to work and when children were able to ride freely on local side streets, which in many areas is no longer an option because of the volume of traffic and the speed of cars and other motor vehicles.