Green Belt

May 2020 isn’t just the 75th anniversary of VE Day – it’s also exactly 75 years since the Barnet Society was founded. As if in celebration, the Hawthorn trees planted on Whitings Hill by Society volunteers 25 years ago have been decked in glorious blossom.
Hadley Common, thought to be the seventh largest stretch of common land in Greater London, might soon be freed from archaic legal constraints that date back over 250 years to the reign of George III.
Chipping Barnet is surrounded on three sides by Green Belt – virtually unspoiled open countryside from Hadley Wood in the east to Whitings Hill in the west and south along the valley of the Dollis Brook. Together with substantial areas of Metropolitan Open Land (such as Tudor Park), surviving farmland (such as the Whalebones estate), several attractive parks and many street trees, we are lucky to have so much greenery. It helps give our area its special identity.
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