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I live in Barnet but I would much rather shop anywhere else. I used to shop there all the time! Lets face it less people are shopping in the high street these days, and with the parking situation in barnet, already high rents and many empty shops, why is this seen as the way to go? Why not try to attract a more independant, and a more varied shopping experience by lowering the rents, rather than doubling them? What's the point of a newly designed shopping centre with empty shop units? This is the wrong way to go. And the designs are both hideous. Once you change a unique historical building like that into a horrible 'modern' building-that looks dated already i might add-theres no going back. Put pressure on the council to sort out the parking situation, and work with the traders, help them to promote their businesses so that they thrive. I walk through the spires every day and it is depressing-but if this is your solution I think it will be even more so. More empty shops, and an ugly building to boot. I really hope this isn't being funded by our council tax! Please rethink this whole proposal! It I bet some people will do very well out of this, unfortunately it is not likely to be the residents of high Barnet.