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Please keep the Spires - this is historic Barnet after all ! The end of the local shops on the High STreet began when they allowed Iceland to remove THe Salisbury form the area . Other retailers had submitted plans to move the original frontage forward however the wonderful Barnet town planners prefered the red plastic frontage .
I think the planning department forgets that we are a town seeped in history and putting this awful yellow modern build ,option 2 ,just kills the ambience of the area. There are plenty of towns around this country that have fantastic retail areas and yet have maintened their original features .
Keep the 2 spires please . Lower the rents - that will encourage retailers back to the area .

I think when that the olympic torch bypassed this piece of historic Barnet ,alarm bells rang that our planning department have no concerns for future of High Barnet and do they even know it exists !!