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Posted by Local Resident: New Barnet Leisure Centre : Whilst we welcome good amenities for the wider comunity The council have built a new public footpath leading onto a multi games area and tennis courts with gates leading from the path onto the play area. They have erected flood lights overlooking residents gardens too. This has all sprung up without any consultation with those affected. The games area is immediately behind our homes approx 10ft from our short (27ft) back garden. This could happen to you, do not be complacent the council want to pursue their flag ship projects without regard to individuals. Had they built the games area just a few yards away from our homes there wouldn't be a problem. We are challenging this path etc. but this is in place without our knowledge has happened !. They obviously had no regard for a few individuals health and safety. Challenge and keep informed as best you can do not trust they will do the correct thing.