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I was interested to see that they were going to try and find the Battle of Barnet battlefield site, but I see that they are still using old interpretations of the battle. The map above comes from A.H. Burne "Battlefields of Old England" and has been copied by just about every historian since. There was a dig carried out in the 1990's across the hedge on Old Fold Manor golf course which turned up nothing. I carried out quite an extensive research on the Battle and spent some time in the Barnet Museum helped by the staff looking at all the oldest maps of the area. The fact that in one contemporary accounts they mention the pale (fence) which was broken down by the Yorkists suggests this was what surrounded Enfield Chase and bordered the North Road to Hatfield. It is more likely that the Yorkist Army mustered near Hadley Green and advanced towards Warwick's Army to north in a thick mist. More than likely on what is now the south part of Wrotham Park. Probably part of the right wing of the Yorkist Army blundered onto Enfield Chase and became detached in the mist that shrouded the battlefield and once the two armies became locked together they again blundered into the left and rear of Warwick's army whose left was against the pale of Enfield Chase. I gave my reasoning in the booklet I published in 1996 by Freezywater Publications "The Battle of Barnet 1471" by Patrick McGill. It lists all the contemporary sources. If you look where your think it is I doubt you will find anything.