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I live locally and am not against some improvements to play areas and the local PARK environment BUT as planned so far these are awful.

I would support a small, unobtrusively planned community hub with cafe and toilets but this is quite large. Clip and climb means a tower--totally unsuitable in a green/ green belt area! I gather this replaces the Rainbow Center.

The skate park would be noisy and is still too near housing.

There are too many, too wide paths/ cycle ways. There is no need for new paths between the planned pitches and on both sides of the narrow triangle of land where the play areas are planned. Part of the appeal of a park/ natural area is walking over grass, without bikes and tarmac.

The proposed parking extension at the end of Ark has a narrow blind corner. There would be constant traffic blocks, queues, pollution and danger to pedestrians esp children using play areas.

I gather the rugby fields at the bottom will be fenced off- so not for the community. The proposals so far dont make this or whether there will be floodlighting clear.

This area is a local, green and green belt, natural area. Any proposals need to reflect and improve this not trample all over it!