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Dory's cafe

I've just discovered that Dory's cafe, one of the oldest cafes in Barnet, and long associated with the market, has been fined reputedly £100 for placing a single metal table and 2 chairs outside their cafe on the corner of the side road that the cafe adjoins on St.Albans road.

The council had attempted to charge them a not insignificant yearly sum - which is too expensive for them.

The outside table at Dory's has been quietly and unobtrusively enjoyed by many over the years, although of course being a single table is not a major income earner for them.

Meanwhile supermarkets, as one example, are apparently not charged for their trolley's being outside stores, and there are numerous other uses of the street by major retailers that go unnoticed - or so it would seem.

The council seem as usual determined to limit the successful operation of small businesses in High barnet, and place all their favour on major companies. So is the premier inn a good idea? Not if it does yet more to impact small business - why on earth don't the council pursue a policy to assist small and independent businesses as well?