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If people are finding issues with mud on St Albans Road they should report it to Hertfordshire County Council's Highways Department, preferably with photographs and details of exactly when and where they were taken. The section of road between the site and the M25 is Hertfordshire County Council's responsibility and not Barnet's or Hertsmere's. Reports can be made on the Highways Department website:

or by phone: 03001234047

As road fouling by landfill operations is by its nature very susceptible to weather conditions it can be very variable day to day and at different times on a given day. Such operations should have vehicle cleaning equipment on site adjacent to the road access. This plant is readily available and its cost is not excessive for a large scale operation such as this from which large receipts from accepting landfill can be expected. If Hertfordshire receive sufficient evidence of a problem they can call on the contractors to bring in such facilities.