Report comment observation and memory from NZ,by an ex Barnetonian,with many generations of knowledge of this entire area.
.Summer walks,via the Stile beside the Alloments,being shown how to avoid swishing golfballs and irate golfers,dashing between the Black and White footpath markers,checking out birds nests,in the Coppice and imagining the slaughter of 1471,from this slightly elavated position, before we emerged from this Public Footpath in St Albans Rd.
Springtime would see us as boys,exploring the 'Bomb craters' a line of water filled hollows,surrounded by hedge and trees and collecting armfulls of Pussy Willow, or looking for frogs,toads ells newts and grass snakes and dragon flies,a haven for low nesting birds.
My belief,is that the Battle of Barnet was fought in the low ground west of Wrotham Park ,and that soil movement has and may unearth some treasures held beneath ...but my condolences to Mr and Mrs Naylor and the Green Dragon pub and residents of the upgraded Barns re the condition of the New Road......Progess eh !