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Sunday, 02 December 2018 08:45 posted by A nurse
Thank you to all the selfish bastards that have put parking restrictions around the hospital. I will now have to walk miles in the cold, rain and snow over slippery leaves to get to my job at the hospital. I used to park in Kings Road, but now don't know where I can go, and I can't afford to pay for parking on my meagre salary. I pay road tax to be able to use the roads, so what makes you think you have the right to deny me my entitlement? It may be a slight inconvenience for you, but it is a massive one for me, and I am borderline on finding another job elsewhere as it is. Did your parents not teach you about sharing when you were children? Most of you have your own driveways to park in, and the valuable parking spaces will now lie empty and wasted. I wish you all a Merry Christmas.


Dear Nurse

Thank you for your Christmas wishes.
I’m really sorry to hear about you epic struggle getting into work. It’s really unfair wouldn’t you think. Imagine coming home from work after walking miles in the cold, rain and snow and not being able to park outside of your own house because someone chose not to pay and takes up a space. That is really selfish wouldn’t you say Nurse? So when you come home from work just think how privileged you are to park because guess what.... I can’t. So am I selfish? I can’t park on any of the side roads because there are resident permit holders only in place so what am I left to do. That’s right! Ask the council to extend the CPZ to incorporate Wood Street so I can finally park outside my own home. Don’t worry though because once I’ve parked I’ll finally be able to go in and have a nice cup of tea. And given that my parents did teach me to share I might share it with you on your way back to your car however many miles that is. I mean it’ll give you the opportunity to rest up before you complete your pilgrimage. By the way road tax does not entitle you to park anywhere.
Merry Christmas!