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No apparent wheel cleaning plant on site. No apparent protection to drainage gullies and ditches. Mud on road and on tyres of lorries from site on public highway. No apparent road sweeping/mud collecting taking place, just water being sprayed on the muddy road. Problem appeared intermittent at first now fairly constant. Road left heavily mired, slippery and dangerous including overnight. Highway is only being cleared by passage of other vehicles. Three years to go? Sadly pretty normal practice on commercial landfill operations including those marketed as golf course improvements despite stipulations in planning applications and of course highway regulations. Responsible authority is apparently Hertfordshire County Council Highways Department (who have been informed) and not Hertsmere and Barnet as widely assumed, Concerned parties should log a report on the Hertfordshire County Council website. It is worth uploading pictures of mud on road, mud on wheels of lorries on road and water being sprayed on road by road sweeper vehicle with brushes raised.