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Sadly no residents' groups were represented at the alcohol licence hearing for the Marketplace hotel this morning.

The licence granted is basically that for a large pub or bar with a clause added to allow 24 hour drinking for hotel residents and their guests.

I spoke on a number of issues I felt were important. I felt someone had to.

I did not think it was appropriate that a restaurant and bar described as ancillary to a hotel should offer off sales to the general public, or indeed the 24 hour bar for residents which can be used to allow parties late into the night at the discretion of the some future management.

I did not think it was appropriate that such a large restaurant and bar should open in a residential and conservation area just 10 metres from neighbouring homes and with walls of glass facing the windows of neighbouring cottages.

But what do I know, I am just one apparently ill-informed, person that unreasonably insists I actually live some distance from the Marketplace – apparently everyone knows the tiny majority of of us who aren't strongly and overwhelmingly in love with the hotel all live miraculously squeezed into Chipping Close.

Residents's groups can rest assured – nothing was changed as a result of my comments, the licence application was left as it was when they walked away from it.

I did hear that the expected place for smokers to gather is the entrance of our shiny new service sector infrastructure project hotel. Perhaps it is not so shiny after all?

I do have to say the Licensing Committee carried out its job with due diligence and the applicant's representatives acted with integrity, I think mistakes were made but if so they were honest mistakes. I simply can not say the same about other people in other proceedings connected to the proposal.