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As a Chipping Close resident I am devastated by the decision to build a large hotel on our tiny cul-de-sac. There is simply not the space or infrastructure to support the hotel. Traffic and parking will be chaotic and the residents of the road will be disturbed day and night by cars turning into the road and hotel residents coming in and out the hotel.
I am particularly horrified at the influence Mr Massey and Ms Laser had over the council's decision. Neither is elected to represent Barnet residents and neither lives on Chipping Close.
Mr Massey was either ill informed or lying -77 residents posted opposition to the hotel development on the Barnet Council website -many lived in surrounding roads. In addition, the information events run by the developers were inundated with unhappy local residents.
The residents of Chipping Close would be happy for re-development to occur on the car park but it needed to be a much smaller hotel with its own car park. The developers are totally naïve (or don't really care I suspect) if they think hotel guests will pay to park in the Spires instead of park for free in nearby streets.
The people staying at the hotel will be businessmen on their way to meetings in London or hen/stag parties on their way into town for a night out. Neither will spend any money in Barnet.
I really hope I am wrong and that the hotel turn is well- used a benefits the local area. However, if it bring negative affects to the area, I will be happy to remind the residents of Barnet that it was the likes of Mr Massey and Ms Laser that persuaded the council that Barnet wanted the hotel.
Finally I would like to express my gratitude to Cl Prentice and the residents of Chipping Close that campaigned to strongly against the hotel. Thank you for trying. It is such a shame that the council were so influenced by residents associations that hold way too much influence and are not elected to represent us.