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Lies damned lies and statistics followed by spurious claims by so called local residents groups re the monstrosity to be built on the market site.I'm sure the butchers,bakers,fishmongers,and greengrocers can't wait for the extra trade from the hotel residents who of course will all go out for breakfast and their evening meal and to buy their papers on their way to retail therapy in our plethora of charity shops.
They will park their cars in the Spires,no benefit to the local economy or on the streets,chaos!
Flats on the site,with parking would add to our community and our economy,sadly not to be.

PS All you people reading this have you ever stayed in one of these places for business a wedding ,a liaison?Surely not for pleasure.....Did you spend loads of dosh locally or go ASAP?
Where was the voice of the Barnet Society ?