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It does seem that Premier Inn have been dishonest in this application, and it does leave me wondering just how the Barnet Society can continue to support it in its current form.

First, the artist's impressions that we were all shown were/are based on a lie. There is another floor that they just so happened to miss off. How and why would Premier Inn do this? They knew how many stories the hotel would comprise so why release an artist's impression/plans showing something different? If they've lied about this - which they have - then what else are they lying about?

That brings me to my second point. In the consulting that they did with local residents in the Barnet Library, we were given assurances that the restaurant area was solely aimed at catering to breakfast and lunchtime guests. Which was fair enough. So why are they applying for a bar to serve drinks until 12.30am? We were assured that there were no plans to provide anything going into the early hours as 'that's not what Premier Inn is about'. Now we get this licensing application going way beyond anything acceptable. Two pieces of complete and utter dishonestly. That we know about.

I'd love for someone from the Barnet Society to explain to me why you continue to support a project that is engaging with those affected in such a dishonest way. I won't hold my breath.