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The Premier Inn by already applying for an alcohol license, again shows absolutely no consideration for the residents of Chipping Close and St Albans Rd.
And the build hasn't even been approved!!

The two blue A4 bits of paper taped to poles on the historic market site state
that Whitbread are seeking a license to;
Enable the sale of alcohol for consumption on and off the premises
Seven days a week 10:00 to 00:30 to non-residents, 24 hours a day to residents.
Extended hours on bank holidays
And to provide entertainment when selling alcohol.

Most pubs/bars in the area close earlier than this and those with residential neighbours close during the week and on Sundays at 23:00.

Given that Chipping Close will be forced to endure an unacceptable loss of privacy, light and
nuisance (due the main entrance being on the street) by the proposed build already what is one more thing...
Like a public bar 10m away from our houses open until 00:30 every night, seven days a week.

Thank you Barnet Society for sticking up for the full time residents of Chipping Barnet by supporting a build that will make living on our street unbearable.

And if anyone can tell me where you comment on the proposed license please can you post a here as on the notification it simply says to go to with no reference number.