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Although I say take TFL's money, I deplore the hypocrisy of the Barnet Society.
"widening pavements..., planting trees." This, "will transform the look of the street, reduce the domination of traffic without slowing it down, and enhance air quality."

Meanwhile they support a hotel one street back on Chipping Close, that could add more than 100 to 160 cars a day into the mix, causing air pollution, noise pollution, traffic congestion and a parking nightmare for local residents and would be shoppers.

Barnet Society plan to influence the desgin,"They include planting appropriate tree species in the ground, not in planters"

Meanwhile they support the felling of over 10 trees for the hotel plan, which will add no landscape to the area at all. Wait sorry Barnet Society reccommend that the hotel should have window boxes! Given the build is merely over 10m away it will plunge a once bright street in the conservation area to below standard levels of light, good luck in keeping anything alive.