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As a family member in Pepys crescent I find the whole thing a disgrace. We cannot park as more hospital staff/visitors are parking here and even on the grass verges turning it to mud!
But the council just just put more Parking controls in place.
Why the hell should residents/visitors have to pay to visit/care for family members when the issue is clearly the charge of parking at the hospital.
(Finchley memorial is free for 3 hours.)
There is also waste land at the top of Wellhouse that could of been car parking for the past 8+ yrs for the staff as many don’t have staff permits and so park in our streets.
Why oh why do the council keep allowing more housing without the infrastructure and especially car parking.

At least have controlled parking that states no parking between 10-12 and 2-3pm Mon to Fri. To give residents a chance!!
RANT over!