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The parking consultation was a farce. Designed by the Elmbank developers to provide parking spaces for their new buyers.
They have failed to provide enough parking on site.

They contributed £50,000 towards a scheme that will provide a CPZ only in the roads in the immediate vicinity of their development.

It will help no one but their buyer and a few unfortunates in Wellhouse Close who don't have off street parking.

Everyone else has off street parking so will park in their own driveway.
This will leave spare permits for the new Elmbank residents to buy up.
Congestion will be the same in the area with the CPZ.

The rest of us in the consultation area will of course suffer especially those without off street parking namely the Oakmede in Bells Hill and West End Lane corner.

Before long we may have to travel miles to park legally.

This needn't happen but do people care enough?