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Help! Took my husband into Barnet Hospital A & E after a bad fall in the garden. He could not stand. We have a Disabled badge. There appeared to be two Dis bays in the half circle in front of entrance. We parked 27 mins. Fined £100 for breaching ParkingEye contract parking on private land. Appealled, lost. Appealled POPLA, lost. No extenuating circumstances accepted!
What are we supposed to do with our injured ,bleeding dependants? Leave them on the pavement?
This is entrapment as there is no solution to gain access to the A & E when injured. The signage on site is ambiguous to say the least. The nearest car park is at a lower level and impossible for the frail. No wheelchairs or porters were available on the day.
27 mins took up the whole time to get him from the car, wait at reception, triage assessment. Then I had to leave my husband alone and in shock! Deplorable.