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I live very close to this - a 5 minute walk and have no problem with high quality housing being built here.

This area isn't open to the public, it's a farm not a public park and has very little value - it's hardly a 'green lung' or of any value to the community, it's just a bit of farmland between a busy road and the hospital.

London needs more housing and we can't automatically object to everything - it seems like the majority of commenters on this site reject housing on brownfield land (the proposed development behind the high st), development in an existing urban area such as this and anything to do with the industrial farmland in the green belt.

Where can the houses go if you object to everything? maybe somewhere else away from where you live I suspect. That attitude is not a credible solution to Londons housing problems.

We can't be the 'nimby society' and object to all change, after all the very houses you are living in were once fairly uninteresting farmland like this.