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I would be really keen to see an update on this story as I have been waiting for Fibre Optic broadband for a while now. I live on Hillside Gardens EN5 and believe I am served by Cabinet 38 which is one of the eight listed in this story (Manor Road).

I contacted BT after their website had promised a go live date of 30th September 2014. When this date had been and gone, I requested an update and received the following response:

Thank you for your email. Apologises for the delay. Regarding the delay for BARNET exchange cabinet 38.

I have gone ahead and checked and I found that the project under which your cabinet was mentioned has been cancelled due to the restrictions being imposed by Barnet Highways and there is not a suitable location for this Dslam.

As of now it is very difficult to give you any specific date for the cabinet to be installed and get fibre enabled.

NGA Enquiries

I am also aware of family living on the Drive EN5 are also unable to access Fibre Optic broadband and like me receive very poor speeds.

For all the gusto, it seems as though Barnet are the problem.