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It's time we got to the route cause behind the decline of Barnet High Street. It should be a shopping and visiting attraction along the lines of St Albans or Chester. It's a historic town with plenty of character. Sadly most of it is hidden or in a bad way. Restrictive parking rules and regs, high shop rental prices and the allowance of so many "discount" stores has meant that big retailers are turned off from what they see.

Time to address the image of all the shops, starting with signage and exterior decorating. Uniform it and make it look classy.

Remove the parking charges and encourage people to come to Barnet.

Offer discounted rates to all retailers and vet them to ensure that their shop will help improve the image of the town centre and compliment other business and retailers.

Leave the Spires alone, it's the least of the problems at the mo.

By improving the image of the high st to reflect the area it is in will do so much for local companies.

We are lucky to be in a very prosperous part of the country, let's use this to our advantage and put some pride back!