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There is nothing wrong with the actual spires building. It actually makes the high street look difference to other high streets *shock horror*
It will never be brent cross, it is a local shopping centre for the local people of barnet.
Instead of trying to fool people with a grand gesture why not focus on the actual truths:

There are too many empty/useless shops in the spires. Why not lower the rents and get a decent mix of shops in. Surely a lower rent is better than no rent. You can also have pop up shops, fairs, short term rents for local start up businesses to drum up excitement for shoppers.
Parking prices are now ridiculous. People are more likely to shop for longer if the prices are fair.

Charlotte Dunlop said "Radical improvements would be needed to both the layout and the configuration of the various shop units because she considered the centre really was “dying” on its feet and needed to be upgraded."

If the centre is "dying" it is because of the limited variety of stores, due to the extortionate rents and expensive parking that people just don't want to pay.
It is the quality of the shops and accessibility of the centre that will make it a success. Not an unnecessary change to the only 3D facade on an otherwise bland faceless high street.

Update the website too, all that red is depressing! Have a more engaging website and invest in your social media presence to connect with your shoppers.

It is the simple changes that are often the best. Otherwise it will just be like putting lipstick on a pig. Forgo the lipstick and focus on the pig!

On another note, I think opening up the courtyards was ill advised, especially the one nearest the high street. It is useless dead space with too much paving, was far nicer when it had plant beds and benches.
That layout was better for businesses, as people had to walk around the perimeter near the shop entrances, so they would be more likely to be enticed by a window display. Now people just walk straight through the middle, so there's little to no chance of a window inspired sale, you've made it an uninspired cut through. The coffee bean utilise their courtyard very well and give it character and purpose, especially during summer months.